We have decades of experience in the construction industry. Over the years of construction management experience, we have been working with a wide variety of manufacturers and suppliers. By establishing MOYAY CONSTRUCTION &TRADING INCORPORATION in Canada, we tend to share our experience with customers to meet their needs and wants in the field of building materials. We have gathered together highly experienced engineers and architectures in the company to search, test and supply high quality and diverse materials.

We are a Consulting, Trustworthy, Responsible supplier for our Customer. Just choose materials on, we provide them. You will achieve your dreams by using MOYAY products.


We are you, consultant, while you are choosing materials for your own project. So our engineers and architects can support you to design the project based on your desired materials. In conclusion, our free service helps you to save your time.


You can rely on our team that the chosen materials to be supplied at the best price. In short, you save your money.


We have a strong commitment to delivering commodities fully inspected according to your requirements.

Our Certificates

ISO 9001

ISO 45001

ISO 10001

ISO 14001

SA 8000

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